Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board (BMEB)

By   January 12, 2014

More Education Board available in our Bangladesh. Madrasah Education Board (BMEB) is the most dependable & also a huge board of them. it’s the official website. After that it has been increasing day by day. Recently The Alia Madrasah is available in everywhere in our country.

By the way we have to know about BMEB, that means Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. We known that The BMEB WAS Established in 1978 by the President of the people’s republic of Bangladesh. And it was built to develop, to increase religious knowledge, to establish madrasah education as strongly. And I think the intention of the board is being successful.

In our country The Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, BMEB is the only board of all Madrasah. So its work so much large to control all over the our country. And its true that in our country Alia Madrasah is available in everywhere the Madrasah still.

So The Madrasah education is increasing day by day that why the number of madrasah also increasing day by day.  I think it is the positive sight for our Education and our ountry to educate our nation. So The  Goverment should  take care to Madrasah Education and give up so  many facilities for developing The Madrasah Education.

Now a days The government has given the equal status  of general line education into Madrasah Education. Thats why the Madrasah education level  is improved by the equalization. Its another good sight for Madrasah Education Board.

Now the SSC examination is equal of Dakhil Examination and The HSC examination is also equal of The Alim Examination. After completing Dakhil And Alim examination successfully a student can apply for higher education to any Public University. So its a great advantage I mean.

By the way The activities of Madrasah Education Board is to develop education, to increase education, to spread education, to control all over the examinations by the board, after that so many works and duties exists to the madrasah education board.