Kolkata media excitement ‘Abela Magazine’ Coming today

By   September 16, 2012

Anandabajar group tabloid, The Abela Magazine ‘coming this Saturday. Advertising and subscribe to the magazine from the first day of September in the form of announcements, but we could not keep up with ebipi group.

However, 15 days after the scheduled time had nearly a half million sakurlesana the market is coming from the new daily – time. Only 150 rupees six months in advance, at least a half million customers who subscribe to the group of the newly ebipi claims to be the world tyabalayyada magazine sakulesana team.

The Times of India ‘s Bengali daily’ This Time ‘is coming durgapujora days before. Mahalayara holy day. This time, the goddess of Hindu religion. Their ideas, come into the world at this time are in circulation as powerful. Although twice as ‘this time’ and make sure that at least two million readers coming on the market. For the six months of this paper, only 150 per customer.

Balaibahulya, ebipi group tabloid, The Abela Magazine ‘and the Times of India group, this time, this moment is not only in Calcutta, India, the major events that cause the Bengali print media. The minimum price of the magazine for the next six months it took almost three million subscribers. The tabloid – time is 4 pages. The bradasite ‘This Time’ is 3 pages. May be higher. Two full-color magazine will be. Whitening printing and writing a modern touch to captivate the market in order to plan for the six-month study of the various dinaratra sanslistara. Now, in the last moments of the two.

Times of India, this time, as editor of the Anandabajar added 15 September, Kolkata TV, weekly and later on in the day to come by Chattopadhyay. ‘One day,’ her own magazine. Motamoti magazine last three corridors and a strong reader, readers were able to create an acceptable image. Suman Chattopadhyay is responsible for his own newspaper with wife kausttari cattopadhyayake. Ripotim 16 people in one day, and also desk with jhanutima add ‘this time’ newspaper. As a result of her own magazine enough to limp.

Yacecha listen, pay sums due to the thick of the potential daily newspaper Times of India ‘was matched with a senior journalist and pro Congress. ‘One day,’ said the editor ehena away from the many sambadikai their behavior offended. The only non Suman Chattopadhyay, Anandabajar named the Trinamool bit in the last few years before Kolkata journalist whose fame spread throughout the Sun arose, known to the aninda ‘at’ big step has been added.

However, it’s aninda India Today Group has also added a Bengali weekly newspaper editor as the year went back nijagrha anandabajare. However, I heard, Anandabajar group aninda very sorry to learn about. Ebipira before the close of the summit, the group Anandabajar aninda doors forever to learn.

‘I Abela Magazine’ and ‘this time’ torajorera due to the circulation of the various strategies of the other patrikaragulo heard. In less than one year, about 365 days, daily newspaper circulation of more than two million people. ‘Twice’ and ‘This Time’ fetch the biggest cloud of threatening the West’s top daily newspaper aphisei rojabhyali group.

The free daily tabloid magazine ‘wife’ s body is increased. Emanatitei exciting picture of ‘Bibi’ other rights in the face of severe criticism. The complaint, which costs money and time with the queen ardhaparna News magazine free of charge, 365 days a year is not going to cause a strong circulation of protesters. It is also true, however, that some news from the magazine, which had days like that. Trnamulapanthi paper has already been said in other trnamulapanthi Daily ‘News pratidine the cause to envy, News 365 days’ daily. Trinamool hardalainera khabaragulo ‘news pratidine’ than on the ‘About 365 days, the Trinamool supporters are getting more readers. In the news every day and about 365 days of fighting the cold isyute concerned with the two top kartara he can not refuse.

Nowadays, the current and the news every day in the news room they were lined up. The large numbers, sub-editor of the country last month. There are plans to increase the patrikarai page.

The three lined up in the real Anandabajar ranakausala magazine. ‘This time’ as they tackle the ‘at Abela Magazine’ Brings to the media, analysts think. But the Abela Magazine ‘with a truly Times of India’ this time ‘can be unblocked if it is not immediately abyasya. It is at this time a large group of wise to grab a greater need for an independent daily newspaper readers would think. Oparai it depends on whether they can adau’s future.

Over the past few months has been pathakakei sigh heard him say, most of the print media in this state, directly and indirectly, to ‘love beads’ you busy. Anandabajaro the ‘beads’, but very fine. Truly announced with the others. Mamata birodhigulo the left bandanaya vive.

Trinamool, bamaphranta – readers who do not expect these two political ideals leaflets. The human appetite to the sadake white and black people like satsahasi kaloke newspaper. You will be able to meet the upcoming Daily’s lack of adau – lakh, the question on this product.