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Day by day unemployment problem increasing in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country but it has a large number of population. A significant portion of this population face serious problem in getting a means of their livelihood. Today unemployment problem has become a burning issue in Bangladesh. Population explosion, illiteracy, lack of resources, religious prejudices etc are the causes of unemployment problem in… Continue reading »

Iftar and Sehri timetable 2014 Bangladesh, Ramadan calendar download

Iftar and Sehri timetable 2014 Bangladesh, Ramadan calendar download

Everybody know that 29 June began Ramadan (Roja). Iftar and Sehri timetable¬†2014 for Bangladeshi with Download Ramadan calendar. We know Mahe Ramadan comes after the Arabic month Shaban. Ramadan is the the most valuable month so there are full one month Siam-Shadona, that means Roza. So u can know all timetable of Sehri and Iftar… Continue reading »

Enjoy the Rainy season in Bangladesh

Enjoy the Rainy season in Bangladesh

Are you know the best way to enjoy rainy season in Bangladesh..? Currently the rainy season has been started already in our country and the current situation is not bad at all because in our country Bangladesh till now anywhere the heavy rains has been not effected. Everybody know that the thing about our seasons… Continue reading »

Students should be regular in Educational Institutions

We know that education is the backbone of a nation and it also the precondition of a nation. In that case we should be regular must in our educational institutions to get valuable studies and good result. That’s why obviously we should be educated must. Otherwise we cannot expect good result from our educational institutions…. Continue reading »

Illiteracy problem should remove from Bangladesh

Illiteracy is the main problem of our country and it should be eradicate as early as possible. Everybody knows that Bangladesh is an underdeveloped country. It also a small country in the world but population is large. Few day ago announce, Illiteracy-free Digital Bangladesh but i don’t know that news is right or not. Illiteracy… Continue reading »

Higher education in Bangladesh

Normally we know and understand that the education is offered in the universities is called higher education. It is really necessary for all of us especially for our nation. It is most important factor for human being. We have already known that after completing SSC and HSC examination as good successfully a student will be… Continue reading »

Friday is a most valuable and important day for Muslim

There are seven days in a week and the Friday is the weekend. In our country it is the government holiday that’s why it is the special day for our country’s people. Everybody looks for the weekend for their freedom. It is the day where we get a free and holiday. It is really a… Continue reading »

Student life is the most valuable and enjoyable life for our Human being

We know that the period of our life one spends in acquiring our thinking and our knowledge in various educational institutions is called normally student life. And approximately everybody know the matter that student life is the most important part for our every life. You know what it is time to go to ahead and… Continue reading »

Easy way of learning English for Bangladeshi

English is an international language and obviously it has been organized as an international language. we feel every times how to learn English language easy way and the necessity of learning English. Here is describe step by step to improve your skill. English might be disgusting to some peoples as that language is foreign and… Continue reading »

Importance of 21st February in Bangladesh

Twenty first February has been established and recognized as international mother language day since 17th November, 1999 by the UNESCO. It is an most important day for our Bangladeshi people. We know our country was included with Pakistan and the East Pakistan was the name of Bangladesh. Our Bangladesh has separated off Pakistan for our… Continue reading »