Airtel All Package New Call Rate, Pulse and Details Info

By   September 15, 2012

Mobile operator company Airtel all package, current or new call rate or charge, 10 sec pulse and details information update here. Prepaid and postpaid package plan Such as Golpo, Foorti, Hoi Choi, Adda, Shobai, Dolbol, Kotha, Airtel exclusive, Airtel classic, Airtel advantage. If you want to compare any others company package like as Teletalk Call rate, Bangla Link call rate and package, GP package details.

Airtel all package and call rate

Golpo :
Any number of people flat call rate 24 hours. Have 10 seconds pulse.
Golpo airtel package details infoGolpo package to migrate type ‘G’ and send it to 7353, number, or dial * 121 * 8 * 2#

Adda Package :

Adda package give you the most FNF facility and good call rate with 10 sec pulse.
adda airtel package details infoAdda package to use :

# Type ‘A’ or ‘NA’ and send it to 7353, the number or dial * 121 * 8 * 1 # number, choose your favorite 8 FNF number (any operator from) and enjoy non-stop to speak of.
# Customers can dial the number to add to the FNF *121* 41 # or SMS can be “ADD <space> 016XXXXXXXX” (FNF desired number), enter the number 7353 (toll-free)

# Customers can dial the number FNF drop of *121*42 # or SMS can be “DELETE <space> 016XXXXXXXX” (FNF number), enter the number 7353 (toll-free)

Foorti Pack details :

You with your friends over 15 hours (formerly from the 12 am to 3 pm) can speak to the minimum pulse rate of 10 seconds – at.
airtel foorti package details infoThe 3 pm to 12 am 10 second pulse facility.
How to active : F and then send SMS to the number 7353 (free) and enjoy your agility package.

Shobai :
All operators should be a whole number FnF. Have 10 seconds pulse.
airtel shobai package details infoHow to active : FnF operator can be select:

# The S can write SMS number 7353
#The short code the desired operators can be free SMS number 7353.

** The operator short code:
Banglalink – BL or BA
Citycell – CT or CI
GrameenPhone – GP or GR
Robi – RB or RO
Teletalk – TT or TE

# The new code can be changed by sending the FnF operator (after a minimum period of 1 week)
# As the number of these customer only one who can FnF
# Select your operator to view the Viewop in 7353 and sent my number
# If the operator is selected as the preferred operator FnF through SMS at the
As FnF number to speak does not apply to the instant cash back

Dolbol :
Connect with your favorite team and talk to minimum call rate and 10 sec pulse – at.
airtel dolbol package details info Type the following packages to migrate ‘D’ and sent to 7353, number, or dial * 121 * 8 * 4 #

Kotha :
Any opperator 1 second pulse – to speak at the facility.
airtel kotha package details info
The ‘package for the use of type’ k ‘number and send it to 7353 or dial * 121 * 8 * 3 # If you intersted and company 3 G pack active then read details.

Hoi Choi :
This package details information

# 1 second from the first second Pulse.
# Two special FnF number (1 airtel number and 1 other operators number.
# FnF number call rate half the money for Airtel / sec and the other operators FnF number 1 paise / sec.
# Other calls for 1.65 paise / sec.
airtel hoi choi package details infoRaise the package and send it to migrate type H number 7353.
You can add FnF numbers ADD <space> 016XXXXXXXX (FnF number) and send it by typing the number 7353 (toll-free)

all postpaid package available here

Airtel customer care contract address :

call helpline – 786 from airtel number, 016-78600786 from non airtel numbe.

Airtel prepaid and postpaid Package of Bangladesh